About Us

Spectrum LNG is a small, innovative, liquid natural gas producer. Spectrum currently owns and operates the Desert Gas LNG Plant located on the California/Arizona border. This plant is currently capable of producing 60,000 gallons per day of LNG. The LNG plant is fully subscribed under a ten year contract with Clean Energy Fuels.

Spectrum’s management has extensive experience in developing energy projects. Past projects include:

Norgasco, Inc. – The natural gas distribution company serving the Prudhoe Bay/Deadhorse area since 1989.

Northern Eclipse, LLC. – This organization is responsible for building the LNG Plant at Pt. McKenzie, which produces all of the LNG that is delivered to Fairbanks and the CIRI Lodge complex in Talkeetna.

Fairbanks Natural Gas, LLC. – They are credited for building the LNG receiving facility and constructing the initial pipe distribution system for the city of Fairbanks.

Colville, Inc. – A full service oil jobber delivering over 10 million gallons per year of fuel across the North Slope. Colville delivers associate lube oils and other supplies to many different retailers, including Brook Range Supply, which is the NAPA auto parts dealer.

Spectrum has purchased real estate in Stroud, OK with plans to build a plant but the project is currently on hold.